02/06/2019   Highlights were added!

Yeah, the green bar. It wasn't even 24 hours and I already put something there. The highlights that were there in the lower right corner are now easier to see, and of course as a first project to highlight I couldn't have done other than putting my own Sonic 1 Harder Levels hack. The highlights will be updated every week and among these highlights will not be just the hacks and mods made by Harder Project. I hope you enjoyed.





01/06/2019   We're finally online!

Better late than never! Well ... it took me decades to get the site back, but here we are. I will always be grateful to the Sonic Research team for hosting the Harder Project for all these years, but now that I decided to register a domain and buy a hosting of my own, I was finally able to put the site online again. Now at the new address and new design for the people to enjoy itquite a bit.

Oh ... the big green space on the left? Well ... it's going to be availed when I have any idea what to put there to fill it. If you would like to make suggestions, feel free to contact me. Meanwhile, this space will remain empty. I will be opening the other sections a little, so be patient with the sections that are still disabled.

That's it, guys. Soon I will bring you tutorials, romhacks and several other related things to see if I can arouse the interest of the people for this fun pastime that is to do rom-hacks of Sonic The Hedgehog. Make good use of the site, and see you next time!